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So many of us can relate to this moment where we decide that finally, today’s the day we get fit! We start looking for fitness wear, buy a new pair of running shoes, and to reinforce our commitment, we spend a chunk of money on a sporty fitness watch.

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When deciding on a fitness watch, so many factors come to mind. How do we choose between the Garmin or the Fitbit? And if it’s the Fitbit, which one?

Finally, when we settle on the one we want, chock-full of features from heart rate monitoring to sleep tracking, we look at the statistics diligently.

Until maybe… months down the line, we realise that we’ve been using our fitness watches as an expensive step-tracker.

A big part of the inability to be diligent with fitness monitoring devices lies in the the fact that when it comes to interpreting health data, even your gym coach might not have all the answers.

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This is why OurCheckup decided to come up with iCheckup Plus, a way to utilise the valuable information gathered from fitness devices, blood pressure monitors, and your weighing scale to calculate your risk of developing heart disease (Cardiovascular Disease Risk (CVD Risk)).

Instead of just letting you figure it out on your own, iCheckup Plus goes a step further and pairs you with your personal doctor – not a digital one – but a doctor you can see in person!

How do they do this? Well, according to OurCheckup, here’s where RPM comes in.

Short for Remote Patient Monitoring, RPM is a form of telehealth where patients continuously are able to collect their health data using wearable and portable health devices in which the data are securely transmitted in real-time to a data repository for storage.

The amount of data that has been collected over time can be accessed by a trusted health professional to gain better knowledge of the condition of the patient for a more informed diagnosis and management of care.

When you aspire to start a new fitness regime or embark on a fitness journey, it can be difficult to know what is an ideal workout, your target heart rate, or how much weight you’re supposed to lose to remain healthy. While gym trainers can play a role to guide you, having a medical professional give you tailor-made advice based on the data you collect daily is the way to fully maximise the use of your devices.

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iCheckup Plus is one such specialised mobile application that adopts this methodology to connect the doctor and patient together with a common mobile application platform. This is where the doctor uses the patient-gathered health data to provide continuous management of care and is used as a healthcare promotion tool.

RTM featured OurCheckup during the launch, covering how its cloud-based data repository is the first of its kind in the world and shows how lifestyle changes can cause a real, tangible impact on one’s heart health:

When we spoke to the OurCheckup team, there looks like there are some great benefits that come from using this mobile application to monitor one’s health, ranging from cost reduction to better treatment outcomes.

Benefits of Utilizing iCHECKUP PLUS

  • Effective Diagnosis And Treatment

With comprehensive health data, the doctor can chart the performance and the progress of the patient to determine the most appropriate health management plan to help a patient improve their daily habits, routines and overall health outcome.

Digital Health | Ourcheckup | Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
The doctor can use their web-based module to access patient’s data generated on the phone
  • Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Through daily monitoring, the application is capable of detecting and differentiating normal and abnormal data.

Constant display of abnormal data is a sign an individual requires immediate attention from healthcare professionals that would possibly prevent the escalation of the patient’s condition.

  • Personal Doctor

Imagine having a personal doctor who is not only there to treat your common cough and cold but go a few steps further by providing you with an overall health analysis based on the health performance chart generated by iCHECKUP PLUS using the sets of data collected by you daily.

  • Reduce Hospitalization Cost
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With patients collecting their health data around the clock and sending the data to the repository in real-time in their own comfort, better preventive care can be administered, hence reducing the need to be hospitalised and potentially reducing the cost of healthcare.

  • Know your 10 years risk of a heart attack

The doctor and patient can set health performance targets together and at the end of each quarter, the doctor and patient can review the performance which includes a 10-year cardiovascular risks score that indicates the likelihood of the patient suffering from a heart attack.

  • Having A Guardian Angel

Instead of an actual guardian angel, the patients will have a qualified healthcare professional looking out for them. This comes in the form of better continuity of care by following up with patients over time and improving patients quality of life by allowing them to receive personalized care and recommendations.

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Or gift this to your elderly family members to encourage them to watch out for their health. You can remotely monitor their health too for that peace of mind.

All these benefits come in the simplest way to receive them – in a bundle! Alongside a 1 year subscription to the application, you get to keep an FDA-approved Blood Pressure Monitor, Body Composition Scale and a Fitbit Activity Tracker of your choice. This comes with a real doctor’s consultation at no extra charge, where you can discuss your 10 Years CVD Risk Score and your Health Status Report.

If you’re interested to start taking control of your life today and making better use of your fitness devices, you can click the button here to speak with a representative from OurCheckup.


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