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4 Mental Health Reminders during MCO You Need To Know


These inexorable circumstances had lead to severe stress and anxiety for many people. There is no denying that in times of isolation, juggling time between work and personal life, looking for employment, and keeping safe has impacted our mental health.

Here are a few mental health tips during the Movement Control Order (MCO):

1. Stay Connected

Expressions of love for friends and family are believed to make us feel more comfortable. Staying connected to others will help alleviate your stress and leave a positive effect on your well-being. If setting up another video call is overwhelming, sending text messages or voice notes with people close to you will make a huge difference. Sometimes, just a simple text of “Hi, how have you been?” will lead to hours of conversation.

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2. Exercise

Research has shown that daily exercise raises the amount of serotonin in our body substantially by enhancing mood and energy. When you exercise, you should pick an activity that you enjoy. It could be a daily run, cycle, swim, or just about anything else that makes you feel alive. You derive extra fulfilment by doing what you enjoy because it is love that inspires patience!

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3. Self-care

Set aside at least 10 minutes of your time for self-care, like drawing, listening to your favourite song, or putting on some nail polish. Self-care could also mean journaling, walking, taking a warm shower or something as simple as putting a sheet mask on. As long as you make it consistent, all these little actions can improve overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, another important tip is getting enough sleep. Due to worries and anxiety, many people developed sleep deprivation over this period.

Adults spend so much time working and less time sleeping. Sleep scientists suggest that it is best to sleep for 6-8 hours every night to let your body rest and recharge.

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4. Manage the New Normal Life

Managing your life well includes ensuring variety in your activities and avoiding the temptation to get complacent. It’s a good idea to wake up at a consistent time and get dressed, even if you’re not going to be leaving your home. If you fail to maintain your usual routine, start creating a new schedule that has a good balance of leisure time, work and exercise.

Lastly, do not let your anxiety consume you. Acknowledging that you are not feeling your best is the first step to healthy mental health.

Do not be afraid to reach out and talk to your friends and family about your problems. You may also reach out to resources available online, such as the Malaysian Mental Health Association.

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