5 Reasons Why Planners Are Important To Improve Your Mental Health


This year’s World Mental Health Day, on 10 October, comes at a time when our daily lives have changed considerably as a result of the pandemic. The past months have brought many challenges to all of us. Healthcare professionals who are needed to provide care in tough conditions, workers whose livelihoods are plunged into uncertainty, and people with existing mental disorders are experiencing even greater social isolation than before.

October 10 is the World Mental Health Day.

Given past experience of emergencies, the need for mental health and psychosocial assistance is projected to grow significantly in the coming months and years. Investment in mental health programmes are now more important than it has ever been. Hence, the goal for this year’s World Mental Health Day is increased investment in mental health.

Mental health covers everything related to mental and emotional well-being, including stress, anxiety, and conditions such as OCD and bipolar disorder. Using a planner can be an excellent instrument for you if you struggle with mental health issues.

Using a planner can offer plenty of mental and emotional health benefits. It encourages you to become more organized and spend your time efficiently so that you won’t have to worry about completing tasks on time. Here are 5 reasons why planners can help improve your mental health.

Planning helps to reduce unnecessary stress

Stress comes in many different forms, but a common denominator is the feeling of being overwhelmed. Most people are often stressed due to a hectic schedule, having too many demands, or just having too much on their plate.

Whether you use a planner to fill in the standard monthly pages, write down your to-do lists, or plan out your goals, it can help give you a sense of accomplishment. You can also use your planner to schedule self-care activities. Check out this link on how you can reward yourself without spending any money.

A woman is drawing and writing a memo using her planner.

Planning helps you to improve your physical health

As you can imagine, planners can help you to stay healthy in many different ways. It helps you to keep track of your health such as diet and exercise, be reminded of your dentist and doctors’ appointments and make sure you are getting enough fresh air and vitamin D by scheduling the time to be outside.

If you have a planner but haven’t been to the dentist or for a health screening in a while, perhaps now is a good time to start scheduling one? Putting in a reminder a month in advance can help you plan around it so you can make it a priority.

Gain more self-control over your life

You often feel out of control when you have mental health disorders and there are times when you feel like the disorder is taking control of your life. By using a planner, you can flesh out your main tasks into more specific tasks for each day. Everything is scheduled and becomes a routine, so not only do you know what to expect, but you feel like you are in control of your life.

Planning helps with time management

It is common to feel like you don’t have enough time for everything and it is probably because you are not scheduling your time effectively. This happens when you just run constantly, going from one thing to the next without really thinking about everything as a whole.

Using a planner allows you to schedule your next appointment, task, and event to ensure that you know what to expect and don’t run out of time. Set deadlines for everything to help you to stay on track and schedule some time for yourself and your family.

Locat is holding a planner.
Locat plans too!

Planning helps you to improve your productivity

Productivity is vital for both your personal and professional life. Although many individuals think of productivity as it relates to their jobs, at home, you still want to be productive. This may involve doing laundry and home organizing or working on tasks that you keep putting off. Planners help you remain on track for each individual task you need to do, regardless of what it is and enable you to move quickly and efficiently on the next activity.

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