COVID-19 Test: Which one is RIGHT FOR YOU?

Someone is doing a swab test

As COVID-19 cases have been escalating, it is important for people to get tested to detect if you have COVID-19. The most common reasons for people to get tested are to see if they have been exposed to the virus, for travelling purposes, or when a person has one or more symptoms of the virus. So, what type of COVID-19 test you should get? Below here explains the different types of COVID-19 tests:

What type of COVID test should I get?
Source taken from:  COVID-19 Test Differences – PCR, Rapid, and Antibody | Mira

RT-PCR test 

These diagnostic tests are known to be the most sensitive for the diagnosis of active infection, and the findings are very precise. You should take this test if you have been exposed to the virus or when you have symptoms. You may also be asked to take this test for your workplace or school. PCR test takes between 24 hours and up to 5 days to process.

RTK-Antigen test

The antigen test is conducted by detecting particular molecules on the surface of the virus. It is also known as a rapid test because you may get the results as quickly as 15 minutes. Medical staff swabs the nostril or throat to collect the sample. Antigen test is also cheaper and easier to use, compared to RT-PCR test. Antigen test is accurate, but it is not as accurate as of the PCR test. Rapid testing can be useful for individuals who do not have symptoms but want to check ‘just in case’.

The RTK Antigen test is also the diagnostic tool to be used for those travelling between different states.

Antibody Test 

Antibodies are tiny proteins that are part of our immune system. This examination test is to see whether a particular antibody in the bloodstream had been recently contaminated with the COVID-19 virus. They are created to protect our body against a particular virus, such as COVID-19. Medical staff would draw a sample of blood either from your finger or arms. Furthermore, this test informs us whether we have had the virus. The antibody test result is usually available within 15 minutes and up to a day.


If you have any symptoms or you know you have been contacted by someone with COVID-19, please call your nearby hospital to get tested. If you are still not sure which test is suitable for you, you may consult your doctor. Hope everyone is staying safe and following the standard operating procedure (SOP).

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