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Health Expert recognizes Excellence in Healthcare Management, Technology and CSR, powering the future of healthcare.

What is Health Expert Awards?

Businesses are evaluated based on a variety of factors including outstanding performance throughout the year. Health Expert will categorize each Healthcare Management Award into two more subcategories, namely Best Hi-Tech Hospital and Excellence in Healthcare CSR.

Benefits of Winning Health Expert Awards

Brand Recognition

Your company will be seen by more than thousands people who view both our physical and digital content. Reason being, the thing is folks are different. For those who are more old-school, they might prefer their information in a more hard copy. And for those who keep up with the latest technology trends, they might live on their smartphones or tablets. It’s important to cater to all of our different audiences and never stop staying up

Increase customer loyalty

When you excel at what you do, you deserve recognition. So that’s exactly what we strive to deliver to the public. Customer loyalty and sales are boosted by knowing that you are competent and respected for your work, team, product, or service. Awarded status (or even being a finalist) provides prospective clients with social proof that your company can fulfil all of its commitments.


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Award Categories


Awarded to the health business that has demonstrated excellent performance and leadership throughout the year.


Awarded to the health business that has successfully used and integrated technology into their operations to gain a competitive advantage in today's market.


The award is given to a healthcare business that excels at corporate social responsibility.

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

Healthcare companies such as Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Healthcare Technology Companies that are operating in Malaysia

What Are The Criteria?

Demonstrated the remarkable milestones that the healthcare company has achieved. It was quite a sight to see the incredible milestones that the healthcare company had accomplished, particularly in light of the difficult conditions that they have had to endure in recent years with the disruptions of the global financial crisis and its aftermath.
Challenges & Solutions
Demonstrated the ability to overcome the biggest challenges.
Demonstrated the capability to develop creative ideas, processes, products, and/or services that have aided the company's, workers', and stakeholders' success.
Demonstrated exemplary leadership in healthcare management.

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