Why Advertise With Us

The Health Expert magazine is a publication focusing on medical health and news in Malaysia. A total of 10,000 copies of your magazine ads will be distributed for FREE and seen by the public including clinics and hospitals in Malaysia and stay relevant for months!

Waiting-Room Effect

Magazines are able to stay relevant for a long time. We call this the Waiting-Room Effect, where a single magazine copy in a waiting-room can be seen by many different people over an extended period of time.

Print Lasts Forever

We understand the value of a targeted readership and ensure that the copies of these magazines hit the right readership. Print readers have a high attention span and are more likely to pay attention to the articles and advertorials they come across in a magazine.

Pass-Along Readership

Ultimately, we believe that magazines can generate a large pass-along readership, where featured partners can issue a copy and have them be read by more and more people.

HEAlth expert magazine ad rates

Increase your brand awareness and create a powerful, relevant message that will compel your target audience to respond in Health Expert’s next issue.


RM 0 30 per copy
  • RM 3,000 for 10,000 copies
  • 4 x 3.5"
  • Full colour
  • For those who desire maximum visibility in a compact space.


RM 0 65 per copy
  • RM 6,500 for 10,000 copies
  • 8 x 5.5"
  • Full colour
  • For those who want to remind the audience about their strengths.


RM 0 70 per copy
  • RM 7,000 for 10,000 copies
  • 4.5 x 7" / 7x 4.5"
  • Full colour
  • For those who have a specific product for their audience.


RM 1 00 per copy
  • RM 10,000 for 10,000 copies
  • Letter size
  • Full colour
  • For those who want to leave a strong impression on the audience.


RM 1 50 per copy
  • RM 15,000 for 10,000 copies
  • Letter size, glossy material
  • Full colour
  • For those looking for a premium spot with prime visibility in an unforgettable advert.


RM 2 50 per copy
  • RM 25,000 for 10,000 copies
  • Letter size
  • Photo + article in full colour
  • For those who stories to share which their audience can slowly discover.

Special Note:

– We can help you design your ads based on your needs (additional charges apply)

– Create an Augmented Reality experience on your ads (additional charges apply)