Health Expert Awards

Winners 2021

2021 Health Expert awardees are a shining example of what it takes to make the world a better place! We celebrate your achievements, and the quality of life they improve.

The Nominees of Health Expert Awards 2021

iHEAL Medical Centre

DRN Wellness

Planet Pharmacy


Recipient of The Top Healthcare Management Award 2021

Planet Pharmacy Sdn Bhd

Planet Pharmacy Sdn Bhd was established in 2012. Combining the best of both conventional and alternative remedies, we provide natural solutions for health, beauty, baby, pets, and home care.

We carry both international as well as local organic and natural products on top of providing a professional advisory service by our in-house Pharmacists, Nutritionists, Dietitians and Homeopath.

We also offer free health screenings; medical conditions checking and provide consultation based on each customer’s actual health needs and requirements. We personalize our recommendations to suit our customers’ body needs and we follow up with customers to check on their progress.

Our goal is to also offer the best customer service and maximize our customers’ benefits.


We manage the customer so that they do not need to take excessive or insufficient supplements to ensure that their health is functioning to their optimum level and that actually is a very, very good effort from my team of professionals. We put effort in constantly advising our customer, even at the wee hours and after operating hours. 


Recipient of The Best Hi-Tech Healthcare Award 2021

Ourcheckup Sdn Bhd

Ourcheckup Sdn Bhd is the manager and custodian of Patient-Generated Health Data collected via our cloud-based repository platform called OurCheckup. This platform allows continuous collection, keeping, updating and analysis of health data collected via portable connected medical devices and the data can be accessed by the patients and their doctors for further analysis and management of care.

Our Vision is to be the leading remote patient monitoring service provider in Asia Pacific and Our Mission is to build a healthy and active community through innovation and disruptive technology. We aim to help patients reduce their risk factors of Heart Disease leveraging on the advancement of IoT and the availability of development tools that would allow the patients to have full ownership of their health data while providing access to their healthcare givers.


iCheckup Plus aims to change the way primary healthcare providers work by providing them access to a digital health platform that will elevate their level of services in the management of chronic disease which is not commonly available at this moment.


Recipient of The Excellence in Healthcare CSR Award 2021

iHEAL Medical Centre

iHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur is a One-stop Boutique Medical Centre located at Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. iHEAL Medical Centre focuses on heart and heart related specialties. We aim to promote, restore and maintain heart health. The centre focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of heart and heart related diseases, offering a range of treatment options which includes angioplasty, bypass surgery and bariatric surgery.

The centre is known as the only dedicated centre for less invasive bypass surgery in Malaysia as iHEAL performs all of its heart bypass surgeries on hearts actively beating and if possible, without the assistance of the heart-lung machine. It is home to the Toshiba Aquilion One 640-Slice 4D CT scanner, which has the ability to perform a heart scan in just 350 miliseconds, producing high quality CT images for a more accurate diagnosis.

iHEAL Medical

In October, we encountered a couple from Bidor with 4 children who suffered from financial difficulty and had a new born-baby with a cleft lip. Dr. Lew and team from iHEAL Medical Centre decided to help their family by sponsoring cleft lip surgery for baby Fata. The surgery was a success and Fata now can live a normal life!